How we can help

We offer services to two distinct sectors of the industry, direct clients who wish to professionally manage a photovoltaic installation and installers who have clients who wish to take advantage of the cheaper electricity that can be produced from pv installations, but who lack the funds to be able to install the equipment.

Direct Clients



For direct clients we offer a bespoke project management service with the following key elements

  • Outline Design for an installation with ball park yields, CO2 Savings, returns on investment and muilti-year cash savings
  • Feasibility Study establishing whether upgrades are required to your electricity supply, structual survey and energy performance survey
  • Construction of tender document, tendering out project to pre-vetted network of MCS registered installers.
  • Operation of tender and choice of installer
  • Negotiation of terms of payment, guarantees with installer.
  • Management of Installation including pre-site meeting with installers / scaffolders and onsite staff.
  • Registration for Feed In Tariff


The key benefits of using this process are


  • More cost effective installation. Because we have done the feasibility studies, the rates we negotiate are significantly better than can be achieved dealing with installers direct- the installer has much less work to do and can therefore offer savings on the price
  • Clarity of process and clear measurement of whether installers have perfomed in line with expectation
  • In the event of a dispute following installation, an expert advisor.


The starting point for most commercial entities looking at installing PV is to get  feel for what the return on investment and payback is. Our client download page has a spreadsheet that can help you here, or you can ring Haydn Dibble on 07843 634346





For installers, we offer a service where if they have a client who wants to install solar pv, but has not got the cash available to do it, then we can provide funding. The structure of the funding is:


  • The client leases the funder part of their property, usually airspace over the building to which the electricity is going to be supplied. This lease is for 25 years - the lifetime of the Feed In Tariiff, so it is important that the client has the ability to sign such a lease
  • The funder funds the build of a PV system and pay the installer for this.
  • The funder is responsible for maintenance and insurance of the PV system throughout the 25 years
  • The client signs a Power Purchase Agreement to pay the funder for each unit of electricity that they use. This is typically discounted by around 40% from the value that they would be paying for electricity commercially

Funding is based on a model where the funder receives an expected return on their investment after predicted costs of maintenance and insurance. It is therefore only achievable in cases where


  • the end client uses most of the electricity
  • there are minimal extra costs to the installation such as DNO upgrades / asbestos roof replacements / trenching from one building to another
  • yields are above 850KWh per KWP per annum
  • installation costs are competitive.

If you wish to discuss this further then either call Haydn Dibble on 07843 634346 or download and complete the Non Disclosure Agreement here


The website contains a number of useful tools and downloads to help you determine your best course of action.


For those who wish to install solar PV



If you have a commercial premises and you think you might want to install solar PV to generate electricity for it, there are a few tools that might help you make your decision. These are available here.


For Installers


If you think that we might be able to help, you can download a copy of the Non Disclosure Agreement and Installer Questionnaire that we will ask you to sign before we can talk about individual clients. The two documents are available here